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Hygiene Services

Our dental hygienists aim to prevent dental disease, to help you keep your teeth for life. They are responsible for your scale and polish appointments, and will help you to find the easiest ways to keep your oral hygiene in top shape at home.

Our hygiene team very thorough and gentle. They can even make your hygiene visit completely painless, by numbing your gums, if you like! They are also trained in the latest technology in tooth whitening, to help you get the smile you’ve always dreamed of.


99% of the fillings that we do at Bright White are tooth coloured. We can help you choose the most appropriate filling material for your tooth, whether it be composite resin, porcelain, zirconia, or gold.


A crown is a tooth-shaped cap that covers a tooth to restore its function and appearance. Crowns are usually recommended for cracked, broken, heavily filled teeth, or teeth that have had root canal treatment. There are several different types of crown, and we can advise on the type that is most suitable for your tooth.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatment is a technique used to save a diseased or damaged tooth that would otherwise need to be extracted. Modern technology and equipment allows us to complete your root canal comfortably and efficiently. Please click here for more information about root canal treatment.


If a tooth needs to be removed, our experienced team can ensure that the process is quick, efficient and as comfortable as possible.

Replacing Missing Teeth

  • Dentures
  • Bridges
  • Dental Implants

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are a common cause of dental pain and often require removal to prevent infection and decay. Impacted wisdom teeth are teeth at the back of the mouth that don’t have enough room to emerge or grow properly. Some wisdom teeth require minor surgery to assist in removal. If you are having problems with your wisdom teeth, we can help to get you out of pain first, and then arrange to remove them. We have a digital panoramic x ray machine that makes diagnosis of problematic wisdom teeth quick and easy.

Teeth Whitening

We offer two types of professional tooth whitening. Both methods are safe and effective. A whitening consultation is required first to check your mouth is suitable for whitening.

ZOOM whitening produces fabulous, instant results. We apply whitening gel to your teeth here in our clinic, and activate it with a special lamp. You will see results immediately and walk out with sparkling white teeth!

Custom-made whitening trays are a more gradual and gentle method of tooth whitening. We will make a set of clear trays to fit your teeth, for you to apply the bleach gel yourself at home, over a period of several weeks.

We recommend a combination of ZOOM and custom made whitening trays for the best results.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We understand that having a beautiful smile does wonders for your confidence. We pride ourselves in restoring smiles, using a combination of porcelain and composite veneers, crowns, and white fillings. We can help with all your cosmetic issues- from closing gaps between teeth, to straightening and whitening teeth, to full smile makeovers.

Invisalign® Clear Aligners

If you want to straighten crooked, crowded or misaligned teeth – but you don't want to wear braces – Invisalign can be a convenient alternative.

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