Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a process that lightens stains in the tooth enamel (outer layer) and dentine (inner layer) of your teeth, to give your tooth a whiter colour. Teeth colours and shades are complex and unique to you, therefore whitening result will differ from person to person.

Are all teeth suitable for whitening?

In some cases, tooth whitening may be hard to achieve or ineffective, which makes the dentist exam important to identify these potential situations and maximising your chance to achieve a healthier and realistic result.

Tooth whitening mechanism:

The active ingredient in tooth whitening products is typically hydrogen peroxide, which is thought to react with the dark-coloured molecules located within tooth enamel and dentine making them smaller and less-coloured and rendering the tooth ‘whiter’. It should be noted that not all coloured molecules are susceptible to the action of hydrogen peroxide and so the correct diagnosis is important.

Tooth whitening methods:

In-Office: We provide Philips Zoom In-office Whitening, which include a mini take home kit. We use its activating light together with a higher concentrated gel to achieve the teeth brightest in one appointment. You will also be given instruction on how to use the mini take home kit. You can find further information on their official websites or talk to us.

At-home: an impression or model of your teeth will be taken and a custom-made plastic tray is fabricated for you. Depending on the type of whitening product, we will give you instructions on your whitening protocol.


Tooth Whitening is a fast-growing industry, at our dental office, we offer you safe and guided method.

Sometimes people will experience increased tooth and gum sensitivity during treatment period. This usually goes away shortly after stopping the treatment.
Before having your teeth whitened, it is important to get your teeth checked by your dentist as the whitening agent can penetrate through cracks or cavities in your teeth and can cause damage to the tooth pulp, as well as irritating the gums and lining of the mouth and weakening filling materials. Tooth whitening may also make your old fillings or crown look darker after treatment, so it is very important to be checked and advised of this before you proceed. We also have methods to prescribe for you to minimise the risk of sensitivity.

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